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Concurrent Orders - Adalo & Airtable

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Hi all,

I haven’t used Airtable before but I’m currently looking for a backend system that I can link to my Adalo app.

My app will be selling event tickets that have a limited capacity. Some events will be popular and and may have 300+ users trying to purchase around 300 available tickets at the same time. Using the Adalo internal collections the problem arises if 2 users click ‘purchase’ at the same time as the available tickets are only reduced by the quantity chosen by user1 but both user1 and user2 have the items added to their cart.

Obviously this is very problematic and we more users the issue will only get a lot worse. So, my question is -

Can Airtable handle concurrent orders and keep the database up to date?


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Bump - does anyone know or handle a similar thing in Airtable?