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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys,
I’m fairly new to airtable, but i’ve read all the posts i could find on this topic, but still stuck.

I have a list of clients and a list of vendors.
some clients prefer only a subset of vendors - i define the preferred vendor relationship in my base design.

I have a form that collects requests to engage a vendor for a quote.

I want :
Basic: Based on client selection to present only relevant vendors in the list.
Advanced: I want to present relevant vendor based on vendor category in addition to the above

what’s the best way to do this with the newly added functionality of logic on lookups / rollups etc?

Thank you guys in advance!!!

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Welcome to the community, @Abraham_Davidson! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: First off, you mentioned “the newly added functionality of logic on lookups / rollups etc”, but none of those field types are accessible via forms, or interactively driven by what a user does with a form. Those only come into play once the data from the form is added to the base.

From what I read, you want a system that will dynamically present a culled list based on user selections in a form. However, the new logic available in forms—similar to the logic added for certain field types—only affects field visibility when certain conditions are met. What you want is something that dynamically alters the choices available in Field B when a certain option is chosen in Field A, and that type of control still isn’t available natively in Airtable. For that, you’ll need to use a third-party form setup like the On2Air: Forms system built by @openside.

Thanks for the reply, definitely what i needed.
i’m pulling the trigger on the on2air i think!

On2Air doesn't exist anymore, and Airtable still doesn't offer this feature natively, but luckily for all of us, conditional dropdowns are a native feature of Fillout, which is 100% free and offers the most advanced forms available for Airtable. Fillout offers TONS of other advanced functionality that people have been dreaming of for years in their Airtable forms. Fillout also offers the ability to either update existing records in Airtable or create new records in Airtable. And so much more.