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Conditional Formatting in Row

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I think this has been asked before, but I can’t figure out if it was ever answered: Is there any way to do row-based conditional formatting? I.e. is it possible for me to format a row (let’s say, make it all BOLD or add a color to it), depending on the value inside one of the cells/records within the row?

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Hi @Jason_Eskin,

Absolutely, it is possible to add color to the record depending on conditions. This illustrated guide shows you step by step how to apply color conditions to your table :

It is not possible to make text in a row bold based on conditions in a cell.

It is possible to use record coloring. However, record coloring is only a dash of color to the left of the record in the grid view. It does not affect any cell values or the backgrounds of any cells.

As others have said above, conditional formatting is (unfortunately) not a part of Airtable.

However, you can always create a formula field with some colored emojis in it, which can be helpful when quickly scanning through a list of records.

:thumbs_up: Awesome replies! Thanks for the precision @kuovonne and for the “emojis color” workaround @ScottWorld

Thank you all for this!!!