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Configure lookup card

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Just wondering if someone could please link me to or provide me the configuration that needs to be adjusted in order to affect the fields displayed on the card that pops up when you click on a linked record? The view-by-view reordering of fields doesn’t seem to affect this card. There is an interface for configuring the Kanban view, but not sure where to find the same functionality for the more general card that pops up, in any kind of view, when clicking on a linked record. Thanks.
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When a record is expanded from somewhere other than a View in its respective table, the Expanded Record View (the popup) will typically adhere to the field order/visibility of the first view in the appropriate table.

Have you tried reordering the fields in Table 2's first view (going from top down in the view sidebar)

Right on, that’s where it is. All the tables on my live base have lots of views on them and wasn’t sure which one affected that card.

How about above/below the ‘more fields’ break? Do you know how that is determined?

Same thing: if a field is hidden in the first view of that table, it will be under the “more fields” section in the relative order it should be according to that view.

Thanks again and one more thing I just thought of… if if’s the first view, is this the first of the collaborative views? Or do personal views count?