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Hi -

I am setting up airtable for our startup where we have currently 2 bases: one for each team which are selling different products to track customers & opportunities - they have mostly different, but sometimes overlapping customers & contacts.

Here’s what I’d like to be able to do:

  • Have the ability to use a shared contact list that both bases can connect to, so if you look up a person you can see all the things across both bases they might be involved with
  • I don’t want to combine the two bases because they are different teams and I don’t really want to give edit rights to everything to everyone especially as we grow
  • The marketing team will need an integration with mailchimp for the contact list

What do you think?

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Here’s info on Mailchimp integration:

However, bases can’t talk to each other, so making a shared contact list that both bases can access isn’t possible. The request comes up fairly frequently, though, so it may get added eventually. In the meantime, you might still consider putting everything into a single base. To somewhat restrict access, you can use personal views. Only the person who created the view can see its contents, or even see that the view exists. However, that still requires access to the full table to create each personal view, so it’s not a replacement for more granular permissions, but it’s kinda the best that can be done for now.

Thanks for the help. I feel like this would be a really great upgrade to the functionality.