Copy and past multiple cells from excel to a shared view

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all,
I would know if it is possible to copy and past multiple cells from excel to a shared view in one time and if yes how can I enable it


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Shared views are read-only and can not be edited in any way.

I have enterprise version and shared view can be modified, but I’m not able to copy and paste

The data on shared views is not editable. You’re confusing filtering & sorting & the other functions on the toolbar with editing data. They are not the same thing. The toolbar functions are just showing you your data in a different way, but you can’t change the actual data itself. If you want someone to change the data, you would either need to make them a collaborator on your entire base, or you would need to use a portal tool such as, which lets you restrict which fields someone can view & edit.

Sorry but it is not true. In Enterprise version it is possible to edit fields. Issue is that I can cgange single fiels putting a value inside but not some fields at the same time


Very cool, looks like you have been included on a new test feature that has not been released to the public yet. None of my enterprise bases have this feature yet, and none of Airtable’s support documentation outline this feature yet. But it’s very cool that this is coming soon to enterprise workspaces. Hopefully, they’ll roll it out to all workspaces, not just enterprise workspaces. If you’re having problems with this feature, I would send an email to your enterprise contact at Airtable, or you can also send a support email to