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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


I'm looking for the best way to copy a base to another account. When someone finishes training we would like to give them a copy of a base and want an easy way to do this. 

This is what I've tried: 

Option 1: Share the base with them via email or a link

Problem: This would be fine except it is possible to see all other accounts that have had access to this i.e. all their email addresses

Option 2: Share the base publicly

Problem: Doesn't copy automations (an possibly other features)

Does anyone have a better way ? API doesn't cover it as far as I can tell 😞









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Heh, probably not what you want to hear, but my workaround involves duplicating the base and inviting them to the duplicate.  That way each client has their 'own' copy of it, bypassing the email display problem

Hopefully someone else has a more elegant solution!

Thanks Adam, I know what you mean but they still have access to the shared base (Unless you manually revoke ) and from there they can see all email addresses. If someone has read-only access, in my mind, they shouldn't be able to see everyone else. 

Its the best solution so far but I'm hoping there is another way. Thanks again

Community Manager
Community Manager

Have the client share their workspace with you.  (Additional opportunity for them to learn how to do that.). Then you can copy it into their workspace and remove them from access when you are done.

Hm, wait, I was thinking:
1. We have the Original Base that we want to share
2. Duplicate it so that we have Duplicate Base 1
3. Invite Client A to Duplicate Base 1
4. Duplicate Original Base again so that we have Duplicate Base 2
5. Invite Client B to Duplicate Base 2

That way they wouldn't see each other's emails?


Thanks Dan, I looking for an automated solution as we may do this at scale. There doesn't seem to be a perfect solution unfortunately

Thank again Adam but we want to do this at scale so was looking for an automated solution that doesn't rely on manual intervention.