Create a form where an external party needs to fill in a table

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Dear airtable community,

I want to send out a form where someone can fill in some information. 

But I really want an option where a table could be filled in. Currently, if you make a form from the existing spreadsheet, you need to fill in the form 4 times to fill in all the questions. 

Therefore I want to integrate a table, where someone could fill in the table (in this example consisting of 4 locations with questions) and only have to submit the form once.

It would be really helpful if anyone knows a solution 🙂



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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

I don't think that's possible I'm afraid

A possible workaround would be to have a single table with all the fields where the form would be, as well as the four other tables

You'd have an automation that, when a form was submitted, would create a new record in each of the four other tables and link it to the newly submitted form record, and you'd create the appropriate lookup fields in each table

Although at that point, you might as well just use views in the original table I guess

If you set them up as Linked records to another table or even 1 to multiple, you could use On2Air Forms. It allows you to create/edit linked records as Subforms in 1 form.

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