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7 - App Architect

Hello there :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using Integromat to import values from contact form to Airtable. In Airtable I have two tables Clients and Inquires and when contact form is submitted data is stored in both tables.
I manage to set up Integromat to store data in new row in Inquiry and Client tab and to link records together.

What I am trying to achieve is create new client tab only if the client with same email does not already exist. If there is a client record with same email, the inquiry should be linked to that record.


  • The primary field in Clients tab is “Client Name” and “Client email” is email field in Clients tab.
  • The contact form does not have Name as required field and if name is not provided Integromat creates “Add name” linked record (This is the case in current scenario and it should remain that way if there is no client with existing email.)

I would appreciate suggestions on how to achieve this. Thanks

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Hi @Pjero_Kusijanovic

I have attached screenshots to help explain how to add to the subject line.

Hope this will help.

Thank you,

image image image

Actually, the person who started the thread has the option to click on a button that says “Solution” for one of the comments in that thread. All they need to do is click on that button, which is only visible to them, and can only be clicked on for ONE post in the thread. This is what actually marks the thread as “solved” & closes the thread, and this is what actually makes your solution count towards your solution count.

Thank you @ScottWorld! I was wondering how this option was selected.

@Pjero_Kusijanovic, you just need to tap/select Solution option, at the bottom of the last reply.


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11 - Venus

Thank you @ScottWorld! I was wondering how that’s done.


Here is a screenshoot:


7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

@M_k I already did that before on @Justin_Barrett reply