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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Everyone! I’m new to Airtables and am struggling with creating a due date based on a last inspection date, and frequency of 365 days. I need the due date to auto calculate when the inspections are due. I’m sure it’s a very simple formula but I struggling.

Can anyone help?

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Welcome to the community, @Diane_Madonna_Beckle! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This can be done by adding a formula field that uses the DATEADD() function. This function takes three arguments (arguments are input values for a function):

  1. The starting date. This will come from the field where you’re tracking your last inspection date. I’ll use {Last Inspection Date} for now; replace it in the formula with your actual field name.
  2. An interval value. In your case, that’s 365.
  3. An interval type. In your case, you’ll use “days”.

The final formula looks like this:

DATEADD({Last Inspection Date}, 365, "days")

I recommend bookmarking Airtable’s formula field reference page, where you can learn about other available functions. As a side note, I’m working on a course all about Airtable formulas. It’s been delayed for various reasons, but I’ll be sure to post to the community once it’s done.

Thank you so much! I was so close with the formula. I missed adding one comma……throw the enter formula off. I can’t thank you enough!


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have one more question, how do I get the date without the time?

Check the field’s format options to remove the time.