Disappearing value in linked records

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I'm new to airtable but i keep running into the same issue that when you try to link a column to another base (to effectively do what would be a vlookup in excel) that when a link is found the value of the cell you are linking from is displayed but if no link is found its empty. 

Is there a way to overwrite this behaviour so that the value still is still displayed despite no match?

The value is still being recorded in the table as the links will sync if that value is added to the looked up table, it's just not shown when a match isn't found.

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Could you please make a screenshot with example? Also, please clarify "link a column to another base".
Linking is the way to connect tables within the same base. Inter-base connections made via synchronization, and it works in a different way.