Display Only Tasks that are Currently Ongoing in the Gantt Chart

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4 - Data Explorer

In a Grid View, how would one filter out tasks that are only “Ongoing” as seen in the Gantt Chart? The tasks have a start and stop date, and I want to show only tasks that should be currently happening. This will help eliminate distractions of future things that shouldn’t be worked on yet.

In the Grid view, the primary items are tasks. I use this Grid for scheduling and delegating work to coworkers. For each task, I have a “Start Date” and a “Due Date”. To visualize these tasks, the Start and Due dates drive the Gantt Chart.
See the following image:
Essentially what I want to do, is create a grid view that only shows the items that today’s date is touching. Another way to say this is, show only “Live tasks” on a grid view. In the following image, that special grid view would only list “Blow form tooling, Prepare RFQ folder and Docs for Outsource, Phase 1 Complete, Phase 2 Meeting, and Phase 2”.

I tried to create a simple formula that can describe if a task is currently ongoing that looks like this:
However it doesn’t seem to work. Please advise, as I am quite stuck on what I thought would be easy to figure out. Thanks in advance!!!

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Welcome to the community, @Conor_Peleman!

Just click on the filter button in the toolbar and choose to only show tasks where your formula field contains the word “Ongoing”.

Thanks for the swift reply. Here’s the list with a filter set to show only “Ongoing”

It seems to be only tasks with Due Dates only, which I use as milestones on the gantt chart. Looking at it now, I think this mechanism adds complexity since for these specific milestones the Start date is empty, probably causing the formula to read it as always < Today().

Referencing the above, the “Prepare RFQ folder…” task which is currently ongoing still does not show.

Yeah, you could either adjust your formula to account for empty Start fields, or probably the easier thing to do would be to just make sure that every record has a Start Date. That would probably make your data more consistent & accurate, too.