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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello to all,

Today I would like to ask you a question concerning the generation of commercial documents, and especially quotes.

I have already tested the Documint solution which gives me complete satisfaction for invoice type documents, but not for estimates.

In my business, a quote has a section, which describes the items proposed to the customer.

This section is a table with 4 columns (description, price, quantity, etc…)
A line of this table corresponds to a product.

The description column of a product is composed of a title and a long description text.

It happens that several products are integrated in the estimate, and thus the estimate contains several pages.

My problem is that with Documint, the red header of my product section (descripton - PRICE H.T - Qty - TOTAL H.T) is repeated on a new page, if several products are integrated in the estimate…

Documint has no plans to add this repetition function for the moment…When I have several products in my quote, the last products are displayed on a second page without the red header repeating

But I would like to have a single solution for managing my commercial documents.

Would you have an idea of a solution that would allow me to meet this need for quotes on several pages, with the header of the products section repeating according to the number of pages on which the products are displayed?

My existing template with documint :

Many thx for your help !!


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