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Downgrading Pro Plan Trial back to Creator Plan instead of Free Plan

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One of my workspaces was on Creator plan and I believe it was upgraded to Pro Plan Trial once I added collaborator. On the Billing page it is now telling me: “This workspace has 18 days remaining on the Pro plan trial. It will automatically be placed on the Free plan once the trial expires.”

I am wondering how I can make sure that this workspace is downgraded back to the Creator plan and not the Free plan. I’ve changed all collaborators to read-only so this workspace should still be eligible to be on the creator plan like it was before but I don’t see any option to make this.

Similarly also wondering how I can make a workspace on Free plan into Creator plan if there are no additional collaborators on the workspace?

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I’m having the same problem. Did you find a solution?

I emailed support and they were happy to help with downgrading back to Creator plan. Don’t think they have a way to do it manually via UI and you’ll have to contact support to get it done.

Awesome. Glad to hear it. Did you find an email address or just use the Help section form? I haven’t been able to locate an email.

Contacted them through the in-app help menu

Sorry, just for a record - didn’t it help just creating a brand new workspace in your account (which should have been automatically Creatos plan) and them copy that base from your Pro Plan workspace into into the Creators Plan workspace? Just wondering if that wasn’t working?

I just tried to do that and was able to move the base between the Pro Trial workspace back into the Creators workspace. The Pro Trial started when I shared the Creators workspace with somebody. But I was able to copy it myself without contacting support to downgrade.

From what I understand you lose Creator’s completely if you upgrade to Pro by changing the whole account, not changing the workspace to Pro Trial. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I see in my account

Yeah when on pro trial was still able to create new workspace on Creator plan so technically could copy data into that new workspace on the Creator Plan. This may be workaround for some, but I know I had many integrations set up so wanted to keep the same workspace/bases I was using rather than copy them to new workspace