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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all! so i run a property management company and we use airtable to monitor our portfolio.

our main Table is a list of our Property Table, (address, property status, manager, etc).

however we have a separate table of Checklist items for each property. its about 20 items per property so i don’t want to make the Property table another 20 columns wide.

I would like the first four columns of my Property table (address, property status, manager, city) to automatically populate the checklist table. is that possible?


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If you are creating a link between a Property record and a Checklist record, you can use Lookup Fields to automatically pull data from the Property Table into the Checklist Table.

Does that get at what you are trying to do?

hmmmm…maybe! doesn’t seem to want to pull from my property table but i will keep researching.

appears that lookup only options are from within that respective table

You have to have a link between the records through a “Linked Records Field”.

When you create a “Checklist” record, you’d link it to a “Property” by selecting the “Property” to link it to in the “Linked Records Field” (or you could do it the other way around, when you create a “Property”, you link it to a “Checklist” record, probably by creating a new record with the “+ Add New Record” button).

Once that link is made, you can perform a lookup on fields from the “Property” table from within the “Checklist” table.

i feel like my brain is just missing something. anyone available for a quick skype call? 😃

howdy, just checking in