Duplicating multiple fields in a table record to a second table record when a specific condition is met

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am new to Airtable, and my trad spreadsheet skills are average, so please stick with me. I have checked and can’t see how to complete my base, but I am sure it can be updated to suit my conditions!

I am creating a base to track an individuals career/job search activity that will also act as a personal CRM of the hiring process of each opportunity as it moves into engagement with an opportunity provider (Company).

The base has four tables:

Opportunity Long-List
Listing fields related to sourcing suitable target companies and or jobs found
Opportunity Outreach
Listing only those filtered as appropriate from the Long-list table when a specific condition is met and adding new fields relevant to tracking the hiring/engagement process workflow events to be recorded.
Containing fields relative to core company information such as address web links, core service or products description.
Records individuals identified as relevant to a specific opportunity or possible influencer or related senior stakeholder to contact if no obvious open opportunities are available.

The issue I have… I wish to move all the fields in a record sitting in Long-list table to outreach table if the condition in the field (column) I call “Review Action” I select from the drop-down options is “Moved to CO”.

When that logic happens, it should take all the data from that record and copy it to the same field named data in the Outreach table - ready for process workflow actions to begin.

Can this be done, I am sure its something you can advise on? Thanks

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Hi @InSync_Resource_Mart,

Welcome to Airtable Community!

First, I would recommend rather than having separate tables with the same info, consider having separate Views. This makes it much easier for you to track and keeping your Base tidy.

If you think having a second table is the best option, then consider using a 3rd party app like Zapier, it can trigger on views (which you will have to create anyway) and you can use it to populate the other table.


10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Adding to what @Mohamed_Swellam is saying, creating too many tables is a frequent issue for users unfamiliar with relational database design. Views are really a critical part of how Airtable is meant to be used and will help you avoid longer-term issues related to data duplication.

I find it’s easiest to construct tables that are titled using plural words (ex. Opportunities, Stakeholders). That way each row can be assumed to be the singular form of that word (one opportunity, one stakeholder), meaning each row is a unique set of data. I only create additional tables when those definitions no longer represent the data.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi @Zollie and @Mohamed_Swellam - thanks for the advice.

Continuing the discussion from Duplicating multiple fields in a table record to a second table record when a specific condition is ...:

I will look to develop the base using views first and see if this can accommodate my functional use needs. I will keep this discussion open for now, just in case there is more to add once I set up views. It’s great to have this support.

#staysafe to you and yours. M