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4 - Data Explorer

I am embedding calendar view of a base having exam dates and assignment deadlines into my website, and providing users the option to select which subjects they want to see records. How do I change the embed URL dynamically to result in {Subject} = ‘Subject 1’ or {Subject} = ‘Subject 2’ …?

The advanced filtering option is working for API but not for embed.

Please help, thanks

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I believe you can just use the Shared View URL Filters for this, and just add the filters like so:[EMBED URL]?backgroundColor=red&filter_Subject=Subject%201

You’d need to write your own code to refresh the embed’s URL etc

I’m curious why you don’t want to just use the embed’s view controls actually

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 7.03.07 PM

Yes this works when I want to filter only a single value of Subject. However as I mentioned I need to have OR functionality so that all records having ‘Subject 1’ or ‘Subject 2’ or ‘Subject 3’ or … ‘Subject N’ are shown, and this thing is not mentioned in any of the official articles I went through. I even tried with advanced filter URL like in API endpoints, but for Views it didn’t work.

Also I don’t want to use the view controls since the app intends to only show exams for the subjects a user has. User should not have to filter Science subjects everytime and there’s no point in showing History to a user if they don’t have it (just taking an example)


Oh you’re referring to this bit I take it? Sorry about that, since Airtable’s OR() syntax is different I thought you were just giving examples of filters you needed heh

Yeah. Apparently something like “,condition2)” doesn’t work for views