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4 - Data Explorer

How do I send emails to a group of records within my Airtable base?

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With Automations you can send emails to anyone.

Select the trigger action that will be used to send the email. Possibly a status column that has an option “Sent”

Use “when a record meets a condition” and set it on the Status column to be Sent

Then on the next step submit an email

Get the addresses from where ever you have them in the table.




When the status is set to Submit Airtable will email the address in the Email column. There can be many separated by a comma.

Are you trying to send a single email to email addresses found across multiple records?
Are all the records linked to the same record?
Or are you asking about how to send an email in general?

If you want to send a single email to multiple addresses across multiple records, you will need to have a way to identify which records contain the email addresses you want. If all the records with email addresses are linked to a main record, you can use a rollup field to create a comma separated list of email addresses. However, the records are not all linked to a common record, you have to get creative. You might be able to gather the email addresses using a “Find records” action in an automation, but the resulting list might not be comma separated, and you may need a helper scripting action to insert those commas. Or you can go a pure scripting route, but that will probably require a custom script.