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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I work as a booking agent and I want to use airtable to email my runsheets for each of my clients. Currently I’m pasting my data into google sheets, which then formats it into a runsheet and I save a PDF of this and email the PDF, but its quite time consuming

If I were to create a view for each client for their following weeks bookings, I’d like to have a way to email all records within that view to a select few email addresses automatically twice a week (or upon click of a button or something)

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You’re in luck! New features added to Automations just recently, and announced today, make this possible and fairly simple:

Thanks Jeremy.This doesn’t quite suite what I need

I need my records to be formatted as a grid. So just like they would be if you selected multiple records and then right clicked and selected email records, however I don’t want airtable branding and I want the email to be automatic

Ah - does “Render Records As List” not put them into a grid format when you select multiple fields?

I’m searching for this “Render Records As List” option in Automations right now and not seeing it anyways. Not sure where one finds that action…

My automatons view looks different to what they showed in the demonstration video. I don’t have the render records as list option. I also can’t see a way to put it into grid format

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 10.48.07 am

Ya, I had to refresh my Airtable app (or browser page) to get the option to show up, but it’s there now:CleanShot 2021-02-10 at 17.51.02@2x

But I can confirm for you, after a quick test, that the list of records does not format as a grid with this option. Rather, it formats with field names as headings and values underneath them in a vertical layout:
PNG image

I was able to avoid Airtable branding by using the “Gmail” automation action; but the formatting is a bit disappointing.

Thats a shame. It seems like a simple task to email a grid from a view thats already configured but even with external apps it seems the only way its possible is with coding

I’d make a feature-request post here in the forums requesting that they add the ability to format the “List of records” in the email action as a grid, the same way they do with the “Send records as email” right-click option. I can’t imagine this being a difficult thing for them to implement.

Yep - I have built at least 20 system that pretty much do this in a variety of spreadsheet formats.

The most important aspect of this process is Google Apps Script that uses the advanced sheets API to craft precise grid layouts and convert them to attachment PDFs in the email message.

Using script actions or script blocks I send a request to a custom web hook server that calls back into Airtable to retrieve the view. Then I update a sheet tab, apply formatting, color, etc and make it a PDF.

If pixel-precise formatting and branding matter, this is the best approach.