Embed aritable forms on Webflow page gets blocked during scroll

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Hello everyone,

I have embed a form on a weblfow page so that candidates can apply directly through my website.
The form has around 30 questions so it is pretty long.
Everything works pretty well on desktop but on mobile, the form gets blocked while im scrolling as I feel like the Airtable embed scroll takes over the webflow page general scroll.

It is only on mobile and i don't know how to solve that. I changed my embed height so it takes the whole form but i still have an issue with scrolling.

Here is my the link to the website :

It works well on desktop but if you try on mobile, you can scroll the beginning of the page but as you get through the form, the scrolling gets locked with no way to scroll past upwards on downwards. The only solution to bypass that is to go scroll really fast to the bottom of the page so the embed scroll does not take the priority over the page scroll. Any idea how to solve that ?


Here is my embed code : <iframe class="airtable-embed" src="" frameborder="0" onmousewheel="" width="100%" height="100%" style="background: transparent; border: 0px solid #ccc;"></iframe>


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It looks like you got it working, because your form works perfectly fine on all 4 mobile browsers that I tested it on. However, if you dislike the way that Airtable’s native forms embed on your website, you can always use Fillout’s advanced Airtable forms to embed on your website instead.