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4 - Data Explorer

Is it possible for me to embed videos directly in the gallery or grid view row it is relevant to? I know about the embed block but that’s not what im looking for. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hey Anjali,

Sadly that’s not possible yet. You can only do this via the embed block. Currently only sounds and image files can be previewed in Gallery/Grid.

I know this has been a request for quite sometime though. For now, we will need to live with the sad penguin/ghost/dog - What on earth is this?

CleanShot 2020-05-26 at 14.06.29

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Lol! It’s a dog in a ghost Halloween costume?!?

Sadly, Airtable doesn’t really offer much when it comes to video support, but this would be a fantastic and incredible addition to Airtable. We could really use the ability for attachment fields to support videos in all views, especially Gallery views. If you don’t mind, please add your suggestion to the Product Suggestions topic!