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4 - Data Explorer

I want to create a function that will rank employees based on a set of criteria where the scores are given if they meet each of the criteria? Any advice on the best way to do this? I’m assuming it will entail a lot of lines of records as well as an IF() formula?

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Creating a view that sorts the employees in order of their scores is easy.

Creating a function that gives the employee a rank based on the order of their scores sounds tricky, and maybe not possible.

Your first problem is to get all of the other employees scores available to each record. So you’ll need Linked Record columns for each employee. Like this (I’ve used players instead of employees here):


You are then going to need to Look Up fields to look up the scores of all of the employees:


The real problem you then have is to turn those scores into a rank. Airtable doesn’t seem to have a sorting formula, so you are going to need to come up with a fiendishly clever formula to solve this. It would probably involve all sorts of clever string and array operations. It might not even be possible. Good luck.