Feasible to use Typeform/Jotform/whatever with Airtable to create a budget/activity tracker?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, first time posting to the forum and hope to become a fellow positive contributing member to the group.

I’m looking to design a few different community apps using no code tools with Airtbable as the database. One of the common use cases will be some sort of ongoing activity tracking (ex. # of miles ran, # of calories eaten, # of pushups, etc) or budget tracking ($ spent on rent, $ spent on food, etc) and questions that would require simple text answers (how do you feel today?) I really like the flow of Typeform or even Jotform (free tier) and was thinking I could somehow use either of those tools to collect the user data which gets sent to Airtable but not sure if it’s possible to save it so that the same user can login to some front end tool (ex. Softr or Pory), go to my Typeform link, and it gets saved to their user record in Airtable (did that make sense?)

Lastly, if this isn’t possible with Typeform, can I even do this with Airtable fairly easily or will it be a long mission? I see that there is a Project Tracker template but it’s a bit overkill for what I’m trying to do plus it’s only for our own use, not for a group of say 100 or 200 ppl.

Any thoughts or opinions greatly appreciated!

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