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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

The new Interface feature allows you to filter a collaborator field by “current user” which is a great time saver. Anyone know if they will make this available in regular AirTable views? I really need it.

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It would be really great for them to bring over features from their “new stuff” (such as Timeline view and Interfaces) into their “old product”. Only time will tell. I would recommend sending an email to to let them know that this is important to you.

I think adding “filter by current user” to Views as we know them would break more things than it would solve. Anything that relies on a View having a list of records (i.e. Zapier/Integromat, Automations, Scripts, API integrations, publicly shared Views) would be wildly inconsistent depending on who is looking at the View, and would be useless if 2+ users were looking at the View at once or if no one was looking at the View.

If they add the functionality it would suggest an implementation that creates two types of filters available to Views (and consequently, probably rollups/lookups/counts as well):

  1. Global Filters: which control which records exist in a View. This behavior is unchanged from the filters as we know them.
  2. Session Filters: which controls which records are shown to the current user but does not affect the list of records shown to anyone/anything/anywhere else.
    • This could be implemented in a few ways, but if used in conjunction with permissions it could be implemented as Creators being the only ones who can control this setting to say: if enabled, only show Editors/Commenters/Read Only users records where {Collaborator Field(s)} matches/includes their name.

Example Use Case
With that implementation you could set up one View that has Global Filters set to only show Projects where the {Status} field = “active”, and a Session Filter set to only show records where the {Assignee} field = “Current User”. This would mean you wouldn’t need a separate personal View for each collaborator.

@Bill.French curious what you’re take on a “Current User” filter for Views

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

hey this is MAJORLY needed to look at: 

you need to allow for the feature show only "current user" to be applicable to fields and or views in a grid on interface designer. !!without it, you see a bunch of fields you might not want your user to see on a grid view in your app.!!

e.g. if i add a grid to an interface:
Solution 1: show only view assigned to current viewer (best option)
Solution 2: show only records by current viewer AND show only FIELDs for current user 

two ways to get the same thing. option one can mean only 1 time assign a user to a view -- OK --- or offer gird view options available to current user. best option: control permissions of which views (that the current user can see) you want available to that current user in that specific interface element)

you basically have the feature as it is similar to dynamic record select permissions and dynamic colours, but you did it for edit record permissions, specific filters. just make this for VIEWING permissions, by a view, with control on selected total views available in element. 

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

It's absolutely wild to me that Airtable doesn't allow a table to filter its data by current user. I'm saying this as a long-time user of Podio, a similar SaaS product that definitely has this feature.

Reasonable use case: Ticketing systems or other cases (e.g., time card systems, project repositories) where the default view would show users only the records that are relevant to them (i.e., where they're assigned as the owner). The workaround of asking each user to create their own personal view that filters to show only their records is unnecessary and inefficient when a team-accessible view could just as easily do this without user intervention.