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4 - Data Explorer

I have a country column and a rating column, each with multiple options. I wish to apply a filter to see only “a, b and c” countries that have “x” rating. This does not seem possible with Airtable, which blows my mind a bit?

I apply "Where country is “a” " at the top, then “Or b,” then “Or, c”, but I’m then unable to apply an “And” function to apply the single rating I wish to see for those countries.

Is anyone able to explain why this seemingly simple function isn’t available?

Many thanks in advance.

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Filters can’t combine AND and OR selections. If “Country” is a multi-select field, you could use the “contains any of” instead of the absolute “is” qualifier, and then add a new filter condition with AND for the “Rating” field.

Hi Kamille thank you for your help on that. Mind if I ask why you can’t combine those selection types? Just curious.

No clue, its just how they’ve designed their filter ui. Probably to keep record selection simple/non-confusing.

But limited, I guess! Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @Zachary_Gottlieb - you can work around the AND/OR issue by creating a formula field, where you can do AND/OR. Something like

    OR({country} = 'a', {country} = 'b', {country} = 'c'),
    {some other thing} = 'xyz'

Then your view filter can be based on this formula field being 1 or 0.

A bit above my pay grade, but thank you Jonathan!