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4 - Data Explorer

On amazon and many other sites, you can pick features X + Y + Z on the sidebar, and filter all items that contain X + Y + Z

Where could we find the steps of how to do this in airtable? Is there a link with the steps?

Say that all the cells within column A contain all the items.
And column B:F has all of the features/variables/parameters/datapoints/etc

How to filter/show all the items that has X + Y + Z? If we selected/filtered by feature X + feature Y + feature Z, how do we show that in the airtable sheet?

In google sheets, you can filter and show the results on the same sheet, but the UI isn’t very good for the filter features. The biggest problem is I think that the filters are temporarily, and so are lost once you close the sheet. Want the filters to be saved and remembered when you reopen the sheet.

Like most users, we come from excel/google sheets, so if you can use words that are commonly understood in normal spreadsheet apps, then that would be easier to understand how to do this. Would not be able to understand otherwise if steps are not explained simply. Already looked around.

If airtable cannot do this, or cannot do this simply, what other apps can or can do this feature easier or better?

The steps on amazon is simple:

  1. Search for something (by typing)
  2. Click on the features/things you want to have in the items on the sidebar (from the list)
  3. All items that contains all of those things you selected are automatically shown

How do we do this in airtable?

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Hi @FilterByFeatures,

Welcome to Airtable community :slightly_smiling_face:

In Airtable you can can filter your current view by using filters and conditional filtering. In Airtable this is really useful us the filters remain. You can create multiple different views based on the your filters. For example you ca have on view with items with “X+Z+Y” as attributes and on other with items which have “X+M+N” as attributes.

Furthermore, if you want to have the searching function you can create a custom app supporting this.

Below I post the relative links.

Dimitris Goudis

Dunno what “views” means. This isn’t a term used in any other apps. Not sure if you mean sheets.

I’ll look at the first link and see if there are steps there.

Not what specific uses search would have, but if anyone knows can link

Hi @FilterByFeatures,

In Airtable you work in every table like you work in on sheet on google sheets. However on Airtable you have the ability to create multiple views in each tables. Check the link bellow and for further questions please do not hesitate text us back.

@FilterByFeatures You may also want to take my free Airtable training course on LinkedIn Learning:

I’ve changed the thread subject, as “Airtable experts” didn’t relate to the question.