Form submission records are blank - the original content is visible in the revision history but shows no record of deletion

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4 - Data Explorer

Two record entries created via form submission (the most recent records out 41 total) are showing up entirely blank in my table view. The revision history for both the “blank” records actually shows complete responses were submitted/collected for all of the form fields–AND the history does not show any other activity after the submission (ie no indication that the record content had been deleted or edited in any way). But yet, the record itself is totally blank…

So, what gives? Why are these entire records being magically cleared of content that the revision history shows had been submitted?

Obviously (fortunately) I can create a new record with the form submission data recovered from the records’ revision history–but I am confused about why this is happening in the first place and worried about situations where I might not notice the issue before just deleting what looks like a spurious ‘blank’ entry.

A little more context if it is helpful:
I’m having workshop applicants use an Airtable form to submit their registration information. I have done this many times in the past without issue, and, until today, hadn’t had trouble with this current form since it went live a week or more ago.

This evening when I checked for new submissions in the view I have set up in my ‘contacts’ table for applicants to this workshop, there were 2 new records showing up… but both are entirely blank. Initially, I assumed that a colleague must have logged in and inadvertently created the blank records, but nope. The revision history notes the form submission (and shows all the submitted content) but shows no other activity subsequent to that–even though the record itself is currently showing up totally blank in all fields. ???

Thanks for any thoughts!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Update: Magic problem magically solved…
After I restarted my computer and Airtable (Mac desktop app), the 2 ‘blank’ records now showing all form submission data correctly within the table view. It seems like (maybe?) they had gotten frozen in a partially updated state previously–and that resetting the app forced it to reload (even when closing the app or switching tables or bases didn’t) :man_shrugging: