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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there, I have given “comment” access to a base to a number of people and pay for that a few hundred euro a month (the base is on a Plus plan). My impression is that most commentators are inactive - meaning I am spending money for nothing. Where can I see that date of last activity per collaborator?
Thank you

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey there Ursula, welcome to the Airtable Forums!

My understanding of the pricing structure is that you only pay for editor and above users, commenter and read-only access are free.
From the Airtable Pricing page:

Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 8.57.18 AM

So I don’t think the commenter level accounts you’ve shared the base with should be affecting how much you pay monthly. If you don’t need the other features of the Plus plan you might be able to downgrade to save money.

Hope that helps,

This is not currently true. Your screen shot is for a free plan, where you can have unlimited commenters for free. However, on Plus and Pro plans, you must pay for commenters.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to see the date of last activity for commenters. You currently must open each individual record to see comment information.

Hey Kuovonne,

Ahh, I wasn’t aware of this distinction. I haven’t needed to share commenter permissions since upgrading a few weeks ago, but I probably will at some point, and this is disappointing. It would be nice if the pricing model was tiered to reflect level of permissions. Like an editor costs the full $20 a month, but commenters only cost $5.

@ursula_Boehle, Here’s a couple potential workarounds I can think of:

  • Sync the data from the base in your paid workspace to a base in a free workspace and give comment permission for that base. (downside would be comments wouldn’t be reflected in your primary base)
  • Combine commenter permissions into a single account, and just share that (this means only one account (or maybe a couple), but you wouldn’t be able to tell which person left the comment unless they also commented their name)
  • Send an email to all the users with access asking if they still need access, and then deactivating the access of those that don’t respond (potentially could look unprofessional, requires more work).

Sorry I don’t have a super clean idea for you, but maybe one of those could help.