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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m looking to create airtable for youth football (soccer) team I’m coaching. I want to keep stats about number of games each player had, number of goals and assists they had.
I have a table with all my players in separate rows, and a table with games they played. In the latter one I need a column with goal scorers. I have used Link function to link player name which then is counted against each name showing a number. So that works fine, as long as each player scored only once in a game or had one assist. But if my striker had a hat-trick I’m not able to link his name 3 times in a cell… Is there any other way to do it?


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You might need to have separate tables for Goals and Assists. You’d then link the Goals (and Assists) to a Player and also to a Game. You can create the individual Goals records from within the Game table by choosing to Add New Record from in the linked field.

It would probably be best to link the Assist to the Goal, rather than directly to the Game. So the Assist is linked to Player and Goal.

An added benefit of this structure would be that you could add more detail on each goal. e.g. Time the goal is scored, type of goal (header, volley, free kick etc.)

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks… I think it’s a bit overkill. I just need numbers to be honest.
I have a record of games we played with date, type of game, opponent, score, win/lost/drew, home/away, man of the match, goal scorers, assists. These should populate into separate table showing number agains each player: Joe - 3 games, 2 goals, 1 assist, 1 man of the match
Then need to take it into team stats: number of games, number of wins/drew/lost, number of goals scored, number of goals coneaded, home win, home goals, etc.
For now I have grouped my records by date, and I create separate row for each goal scorer within the date. But that kills my team stats, because airtablew thinks we played more games than we did actually…

I might be missign something here or just iot’s not possible to do so

You may think it is overkill but it is the only way I can think of to achieve what you want. Airtable is at its most powerful when you structure bases correctly. Generally speaking when you are trying to keep track of an important entity then it is probably best for that entity to have its own table. Players and Games are obvious entities that require their own tables (rather than just having a multi-select column for Players in the Games table). For your requirements, Goals also requires its own table.

Here is a quick stripped down example Base. To add a goal to a game, click on the + sign in the Goals field and then “Add new record”. Then choose the Goalscorer in the form that pops up.

Hello David !

I was trying to have a look on your exemple but the link seems to be broken.

Could you share it again please ?

Thx !!