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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I have the need to show linked fields as well as the primary in a form.

Users click a field selection on the form and it does not explain or show them what they are picking?


In this example Current Doc is the primary and is only a number.

When i click Add, i get the scrolling pop-up window of all options:


This is not helpful and would like to see the linked field which is the description of the Document as well?

and then once a record is selected, it display’s the description linked field in the form as well

So there is 2 issues here;

  1. Showing the linked field when choosing the input field, scrolling up and down the pop-up window,
  2. Embedding the linked field in the form, based on the selection in 1).

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Hey Simon,

You can add ‘Show fields when conditions are met’ to Airtable forms, but it will only show the blank field for the user to complete, not the data inside.

To display data in a form based on the selection of a previous field, you’ll need to use something like On2Air Forms.

Here’s an example showing how you can display data from a field depending on what the user chooses in On2Air.

How to Create Custom Forms Showing Filtered Records in Airtable

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