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Form opt in as Contributor?

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Regarding forms, contributors and shared grids.
Is it somehow possible that a person who fills in a form can opt in to become a contributor, so that this person could later on update or delete the information that the person contributed in the form?.

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Hi @srgmat_srgjung,

You cannot ask for access from a Form. You can however automate this process with a 3rd party like MiniExtensions and Zapier. I just did that to a client


Thanks Mo, maybe another candidate for a feature request.
How would a solution via MiniExtenions or Zapier look like?
Linking to a form that is hosted at the 3rd party, the 3rd party page stores data in the airtable and creates the contributor, if I may ask?

Well, you would use a Mini Extension that allows you to create a Link to a Form for each record. This link then is used via Zapier to be sent to whomever already filled the record in the first place (of course they have to provide their email in that form).