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default value at attachment field

Hi,1. How can I create default value to an attachment field?2. I'm trying to create automation that every scheduled time 2 fields in the table will be updated to certain status.The trigger is working but i get an error of "Received invalid inputs."Ca...

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What's New view is broken

Attention AT staff: The view on the What's New page is broken. Looks like the sorting has been set to Month of Release rather than creation date, meaning that it is listing in reverse alpha by month name.   

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Resolved! Impossible to exceed six colors when coloring records.

I'm using the 'color' attribute to color-code my fields according to type of item in the primary field, but now I have reached six colors (including the default color), I cannot proceed any further.Is this normal?

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Slow performance across bases

Hey guys!I am noticing my airtable performance has been really slow lately. I manage serval workspaces with multiple bases synced across each other so I'm not surprised to see it move slowly. I was wondering if anyone had any tip or tricks or prevent...

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Resolved! Need Help: Easy Data Entry for Complex YOY Production Reports

Hello Airtable Community! I need help figuring out an easy data entry model for our YOY production reports.The basics: We have ~150 clients and ~75 suppliers (every year some clients leave, some are added, which is true for suppliers as well, meaning...

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I want to search an item in a list

Hello,I need help , here a the scenario :"Real Estate" table has several fields (A1,A2, A3=( link(recordId of the "owner" table)), the "Intervention" table has several fields (B1,B2, B3=(link(recordID of the "owner" table) "Real Estate"), B4=(Lookup(...

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Lookup field showing "0" as blank

I have a lookup field in table A that is supposed to retrieve values from a number field on table B.Some of the values on table B are 0. Currently the lookup field on table A is showing blanks for all 0 values.0 is different than blank. For my purpos...

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"Work on Today" field by colleague

Hi there,I'm looking for some help with improvement of a "Work on Today" field.The field we have currently is a checkbox for each colleague--each person has their own "Work on Today" checkbox with their name marking their field. In a view of my tasks...

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Not enough permissions?

How can I make it so someone can add drop down items to a field but not be able to delete,rename,access specific views? Seems like this permission system needs to be more complex bc I’m finding that I have to give up a lot of control to simply manage...

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