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I have two tables. One table the primary key is dates. Every entry is a new date. On the second table, I’m trying to show the list of dates so that it can show up for calendar view. Since when I connect tables it doesn’t understand that the primary key is a date, I use the dateparse function. However, if there’s 2 dates, dateparse doesn’t work.

Is it possible to get multiple dates?


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You would need to create your calendar from the other table — the table where the impacted dates are located.

Not sure I understand what you mean. Let me show you the latest table of what i’m trying for


Hello @Aaron_Schiff1,
I think the formula makes an error because you have to put the proper date string while you change the format of the date. It works with a single date, and not with multiple because format date considers that 2 dates as a single date and that’s why the error occurs.

I think you should try the lookup field and select that same field “Impacted Date” in the field.
Check my example.

@Aaron_Schiff1 Are you trying to create a calendar view? If so, you can only have one date per record. That’s why you need to create the calendar view from the other table… the table where the dates originally live.