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4 - Data Explorer

We have a retail chain with 150 stores.  I have a workflow where the stores complete a form to give feedback on the quality of a product.  In my base the forms are submitted into one table (Feedback).  The Feedback table is linked to a table called Stores that is a list of all 150 stores will their detail. It is also linked to the Product table that is a list of all the products.

I am trying to create visibility for the team that will show them which stores have not yet submitted their feedback per product.  I tried to do this in the Stores table as all 150 stores are listed there.  The problem is that the lookup to the product field will contain multiple products per store.  And as soon as I filter on Product I only see the stores who have submitted feedback - I want to see the ones who have not yet submitted feedback.

Any ideas of how I can achieve this?


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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi @DebbieW,

One way to achieve this is to create additional table with rows created beforehand for each store and product. For example, if you have 3 stores and 3 products, this table would contain 3*3 = 9 rows.

Here is an example of such table:


Then you create an Automation that gets triggered every time a new feedback is created. This  automation would find the record for this "feedback_tracker" table and set 'is filled' checkbox to true.

Then, create a Grid View at 'feedback_tracker' table that would filter out records where 'is filled' is not checked.

The result would look like this:


Hope this helps

How many products do you ask for feedback for at once?  Maybe you could use a "Count" field in the "Stores" table and use that to filter on? 

If it's only ever one at a time then this works fine I think.  If there's more than one at a time you'd know which stores hadn't submitted feedback but wouldn't know which products exactly.  If you need that detail @preshetin's solution works well for that