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6 - Interface Innovator

Is it possible to create a form that will enable the data to be put into a record that is already created?


We have a campaign that involves many people filling out a form for an auction with property details such as address, agent, office, costs, images etc.

I then want to be able to create another form that a user can be sent to request images ( for example ) if they havent been attached previously. The attachments from this form go to the correct record that has been created previously.

This form would have only 2 fields. The ability to select a property that is already in the tab and an attachments section.

hopefully that makes sense!

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Yes, that makes sense, but unfortunately that can’t be done natively within Airtable. Airtable forms only add data. There’s no mechanism (currently) for editing existing records. To do that, you’ll need to enlist the help of third-party tools. What I do is build a form in Jotform for data entry/editing, and use Integromat for updating the relevant Airtable record. With simple data it’s not that tough, though it might be trickier with attachments.