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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I am looking for a formula that can be used to determine the time worked. I have a table that is a “Check In / Out” which includes two fields in of Check in and Check out. Is there a formula that can be set in another field that will give the total time?

Bonus, is there a way to add ALL of the times from that table?

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Thanks so much! That pushed me in the right direction


If you want to group by Year, Month, and Day individually, like I said you can do, you’ll have to create a separate field for each - “Year”, “Month”, and “Day” - that contain formulas breaking out:

just the “Year” from the “Date” field,


just the “Month” from the “Date” field,


and just the “Day” from the “Date” field,


You can hide those fields, but then use them to group first on “Year”, then on “Month”, then on “Day”, and have a nice, nested, collapsible view.

Thank you this is exactly what I am looking for.

This is awesome! I converted it to populate days and hours instead of hours and minutes, but it’s off by about an hour? Here’s my current formula:

		{Completed Date/Time},
		 (DATETIME_DIFF({Completed Date/Time}, {Created Time}, 'days') & " Days " & 
		 MOD( DATETIME_DIFF({Completed Date/Time}, {Created Time}, 'hours'), 24) & " Hours "))

But as you can see, the time differences don’t quite add up properly.


Any suggestions?

Hi Derek,

Anyway I can use this formula and have it only give me total of hours worked on during working hours. If I have a project that started on 01/12/2020 at 10:00 and ended at 02/12/2020 at 11:00 it calculates hours total but is there a formula that only uses work hours to give you a total and takes away the hours not actually worked. So if there is only 7 hours of work in the day can it calculate between those hours?

Thank you for the help

Thanks so much, i just came across this post since i was looking for such a formula, and it worked

Thanks, this is so clean and simple!

and thanks for the explanation, i’m new to formulas and the explanations help me advance my understanding on how they work

Hey Farshad,

Sorry I didn’t notice your post earlier. I am not sure I understand your question. In any case, were you able to find a solution yet?