Gallery views on ipad via bookmarks: slow opening speed & impossible to edit the records

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4 - Data Explorer

I have created a number of gallery views to which I've shared links & saved as bookmarks on my ipad home screen. The purpose is to have quick access to information in various categories. I prefer gallery view to grid view because it is less cluttered, less fiddely and neater, especially on a smaller screen. It works fine except for the following problems:

1. The views open very slowly from the bookmarks - it may take 10-30 seconds for a view to open 

2. Even though I'm logged into Airtable on my ipad, when I access the gallery views via the bookmarks I'm not

3. I can't edit the records in the views (I can if I enter the airtable app and navigate around in it to each view, but it's very nitty gritty and a bit of a hassle. The whole point of doing the bookmark views was to get easy, direct access to each category of information

I've looked into settings for the links, but there were only 2 options and none were about editing. I also don't know how to fix the slowness to open. Forms (also via bookmarked share-links) are also very slow to open.

Does anyone know how to fix these issues (or one of them)?

Thanks in advance.

Anna (not advanced user, but do use Airtable a lot)

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