Gantt View Settings-Conflicting Fields

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


When setting up the Gantt view, I have the start date field as 'start date' which is a date field that is added manually by the user.

For the end date field, I want to add 'Due Date test' which is a formula field. 

If I select the due date test as an end date field, I cannot change the timeline (drag the box) in Gantt view since the fields in start date and end date are different. It looks like I can add dependencies. 

Does anyone have advice? I need to keep the due date test as a formula, but the Gantt view and making changes in that view is crucial.

Thank you.

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"Instead of using date fields, you can also use computed fields that output date values. However, if you use computed fields, you will not be able to manually adjust the start or end dates for your records by dragging the records on the Gantt chart."

Unfortunately, using formula fields in either date disables the start and end date drag functionality for both dates. Dependencies still work. Instead of using a formula field to calculate the end date, you might consider an automation that copies that value of the formula field into a date field whenever the formula updates.