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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All,

I have a base that represents validation tests. Let’s say I have a total of 30 records. 10 records need to be updated by Vendor 1, the next 10 by Vendor 2, and all 30 need to be updated by Employees.

Airtable does not support record level permissions at this time.

Am looking for solutions to accomplish this.

A potential solution: create a Master base with the 30 validation tests. Programmatically create a base per vendor and copy records from Master to Vendor base. When vendor updates the records in the Vendor base, copy the updated records to the Master base. Is this doable?

Is there something easier?


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6 - Interface Innovator

Your idea sounds doable.

One thing I’ve done that’s similar is to use a 3rd party form creation tool. I use a Formula field to programmatically generate the URL that will pre-fill the form. I then create a view for each segment and publish those views. Someone can click the URL and go to the form to modify the record. I use Azure Logic Apps (others use Zapier) to take the submitted and put it back into the base.

You would hand out each view to your customers and they would only see their records and URLs.

Ah nice solution! Thanks so much for sharing Chris!


Yes - this is all doable except the part about programmatically creating new vendor bases. How many vendors are you anticipating?

May be 6-8 vendors.

Thanks so much for helping out on this.

Okay - that’s easy - manually create and manage and add or drop new and old as needed. What @Chris_Parker said is really all you need, right?

Actually… I think your original solution won’t work either. I believe security happens at the Workspace and not at the Base. If true, you’d have to create a workspace for each vendor and put your base(s) in there.

… security happens at the Workspace and not at the Base.

Hmmm, I believe each base can be shared arbitrarily to specific users so it seems like it should work.

I’d sure like to know how to do that. :slightly_smiling_face: I just looked through the sharing popup and I didn’t see any mention of sharing per base.

You can set permissions per base, not sure if Workspace overrides base or the other way round…