Re: Group conditions does not enforce single select fields?

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I have some views where I have a lot of different single select fields that’ll automatically add certain values on record creation (by setting filters on those fields).

I thought I’ll clean up the views and wrap them all in the new condition groups, however now the filters no longer add values into my fields.

Is it me who does not understand the conditions groups? or is it a bug?

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You have to group by an editable field. You can’t group by formula fields, lookup fields, rollup fields, etc.

I’m using single select fields

This fx adds ‘Todo’ in the status field:
Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 14.41.35

This does not add ‘Todo’ in the status field:
Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 14.41.50

These two conditions should do the same. I’m not getting how putting it into a condition group will change this?

Probably a bug. I would report it to They almost never fix bugs, though, so I would look into a workaround to achieve your desired effect. If you group your view by that field, it works around the bug.