Guidance on syncing Zotero records to Airtable (likely via a Notion database).

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a relatively small database in Notion that is formed via a sync from Zotero, using the Notero plugin.* I would like to sync this Notion Database with Airtable, however I am having a lot of trouble.

  1. I saw that Whalesync does this, but at $39/pm ($60AUD) this is well beyond my student budget. 
  2. I tried Zapier, and the records didn't push to Airtable (despite it saying that the test sync worked). I would have tried troubleshooting this, but it said I had run out of tasks when I tried publishing. Whilst I had not run out of tasks, I would quickly... and upgrading would also be out of my budget. 
  3. I tried Make after seeing a Reddit post about using this to sync Notion and Airtable, and it looked like this may be what I need... but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to set it up. I've repeatedly tried contacting support but they don't respond. 

So I am here in the hope that someone will have a suggestion beyond a manual .csv upload. The end goal is to get some collections from Zotero into Airtable. 

* I have used the Notero method as I could not find any information on how to directly sync Zotero to Airtable. I saw this option on Github, which would skip Notion and sync Zotero to Airtable... but it is written for people with much more skill than I posses.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @sicahjes 

While there isn't a native option to sync Notion with Airtable, there are some integrations out there that would allow you to connect the two as you've found. I'm not sure if any are within your budget, but you were on target by mentioning Zapier, Whalesync, and Make. You could also try 

I see that you don't want to have to manually import the data, but you could explore the Emailed data sync integration where all you have to do is email the file and it will be imported into Airtable automatically.

If the Emailed data sync doesn't seem like an option, Make might be your best bet. I haven't used Make to connect Notion to Airtable, but I would recommend exploring using any of these triggers:

in conjunction with one of these actions: