Help Needed - Need to Hire Expert to Help Count Records by Collector

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We are using Airtable for collections. Need to count how many records each collector works on each day. They enter their name using a pull down list. The system auto creates a modification date. One they are done with the call they check a box indicating they have completed that record. Would like a separate page that lists all their names and how many they did each day.

We have many collection databases (one for each client) in a perfect world we would summarized what they did in total per day in each database. However, if I could just get totals for each database by day would be great.

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Hey Gene!

Katherine here-- I work with clients all the time to translate what they’re trying to accomplish into the base structure that will help them do it. I’m based in NYC and going a little stir crazy at the moment, so I’d be more than happy to chat through some options with you; let me know if you’d like to connect!


Hi Katherine,

Sure – I could set up a Go To Meeting to show you what the tables look like?


That sounds great! Please email me the meeting code at I’m free anytime between 3 and 7est today, or we can find another day to chat-- looking forward to it!


Hi @Gene_Howell,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

It seems what you are looking to do it very easy actually. Have you tried the Group By option?

If you want to discuss this further, feel free to contact me on my email


There are a couple of indicators in the initial message that may rule out the Group By option. For example, @Gene_Howell says “many databases”. Before approaching any implementation strategy one might want to know more about the underlying data model. Are these separate bases? Separate tables? Separate views?

@Gene_Howell also mentions the need for a separate database showing the analytics of the day’s activity. Indeed, something like this is straightforward until you factor in the deeper requirements which may include the [potential] confidential nature of a leader board for the collection agents.

Analytics are typically data assets that need to be harvested and aggregated with clear separation from the people who generate the raw data. As such, many of the seemingly obvious and simple ways to collect and roll up metrics in Airtable may actually expose information making it possible for users to “game” the system.

Like the blood-brain barrier in humans, performance analytics must also have a degree of separation to avoid potential issues while creating sound data for decision-making. Just sayin’ …

In my view, analytics of this nature should require no additional effort by the people and activities being monitored. It should just happen quietly behind the scenes. Certainly, some data should be gathered through process touch-points, but these tend to measure process compliance, not productivity or outcomes of process compliance.

To do analytics well, it’s important to be able to assess data changes over time to extract user behaviour even when they don’t follow process.

just saw your message. Is it too late today? If so then tomorrow late afternoon or Monday.