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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I’d like help as I expand the complexity of my Airtable bases.

Currently I use Airtable to manage different lists of people for my nonprofit. For example, team list, partner list, donor list, etc. These tables have lists of records with names and other fields like street address, email, etc.

Our nonprofit is growing, so we want to begin utilizing external services to create online communities using services external to Airtable. For example, using a membership or e-course site like Kajabi, Mighty Networks, or Tribe.

The problem is, I don’t want to have to manually update these Airtable lists in both Airtable and these external services. I have an AirTablr team list, but the community on Kajabi for example, would be identical to the AT list. Is there a way I can link these sites to Airtable, and use one database as the “parent” and the other as the “child” that just syncs to whatever the “parent” says? Preferably Airtable would be the “parent” and Kajabi or Mighty Networks the “child”, but I am open either way.

I am familiar with Zapier and Integromay to some degree; however the idea of syncing (both adding and deleting) records is a new one for me.

Your input is welcome, thanks!

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