Vega-Lite - Splitting x-axis labels pulled from a Lookup Column using delimiters

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Airtablers,

Starting my first attempt at using the Vega-Lite app, as I have some information that is not behaving using the Pivot Table app.

I’ve used a Look-Up column, that pulls through Countries from a Multiple Select field on another table, so that the two data sets I need are connected. But the Pivot Table app won’t let me ‘Split Multiple Choices’ within the Look-Up Column. So, when I try to make the data into a readable format, the ‘Countries’ only show as various combinations of countries from each of the Lookup Column entries (e.g. “UK, USA, France”, “France, Germany, USA”, “UK, USA, Germany”. When they need to be split into “UK”, “USA”, “France”, “Germany” in the visual data.)

I’ve moved on to using Vega-Lite in the hopes this can be solved, but this is where I’m stuck. This is the section relating to the x-axis:


Is there a way to split the values from the “Country” column (the Lookup Column), using commas as the delimiter? And then grouping data for each country together?

I found out ‘{splitChar:,}’ could be an option, but I have no idea how this would fit within the above example, or if this is even applicable in this case?!

Any help for my non-programmer self would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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