Re: Hide fields from some staff but letting them being able to edit values?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All,
Here is what I would like to achieve:

• I have a table that list our Items with many specifications fields and also prices fields.
• I want some of my staff to see all fields.
• I want to hide prices fields to some other specific staff.
• I want all staff to be able to edit the values.

Note that I try to stay very open in the description, I don’t mind to adapt the way to laydown the info in order to fit the optimal solution.

What would you do if you were following the most common sense to achieve this result in Airtable?

Thank you all !

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Hi Greg

This isn’t really possible in Airtable at the moment - people can either access a Base or they can’t (with different rights to change and edit stuff). I have a feeling that they might be working on it as a LOT of people are looking for this functionality.


Hi Julian,

Thank you for your reply!
That’s also what I’ve understood, so I’m trying to see what will be a good workaround to achieve that.

Maybe by duplicating the base and not having the prices fields on one of them.
But then I’m not sure how to deal with the double entry of info.

Maybe there’s a way to synchronize somehow the input/edition of values ​​by using a google sheet and a zapier or else …

I put edition in bold as it is important for this use case, otherwise if I’ve only needed to let them input values I would have created a simple form where prices fields would be hidden.

I have the feeling that there must be a way to solve that use case as it seems to be a very basic need. (to hide part of the info to some person that work on visible info)

Hopefully some Airtable’s friends will share a great setup for that :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe this helps:

Hi Elias,

Thank you for your reply!
I’ve looked at the instructions in your link and this is doing the job.

The drawback for my use case is that the staff not allowed to see prices fields will not be able to see the listing of existing records. But only be able to edit things through this “edition form”.

Maybe the workaround to that could be to share a grid view with prices fields hidden in addition to that setup. This way they could both see the listing of existing records in a grid view and edit the info of a given record through the “edition form”.

The thing here is that the staff are working internally full time on our projects, so it is not really convenient for them to work this way. It could be perfect though for some third party that would have to do simple input/edition occasionally.

Maybe there could be a way to do a similar zapier setup that synchronizes:

  • From a table A

  • To a google sheet B

  • To a table C

And then the same thing into the opposite way (from C to A) to ensure synchronization of edition from both tables.

Anyone here knows anything about something like that?

Thanks so much everyone for your insights, it is much appreciated,

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

We’ve built a tool that lets you generate editable views. It allows you to pick which fields to hide or share.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello, any updates about when it will be natively supported on airtable?