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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m brand new here and new to Airtable. I’m a psychotherapist and want to create a document template to make writing session notes easier. My wishlist includes:

  1. Sections that are only visible in the template when they’re selected. For example, if a drop-down menu has only variables related to symptoms of depression and there are no symptoms of depression that section won’t be visible when I print the document.
  2. hierarchical single/multi-select fields where the selection in column A creates the options for column B. I found a product suggestion post from 2017 (Hierarchical Single/Multi Select fields) requesting this feature, but no indication that it’s been created. I’ve been looking at various apps/software to create what I’m looking for (Filemaker Pro, Excel/Word, Smartsheets, etc) and Airtable is the most recent. If I can’t do this with Airtable I may need to move on to the next product.
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