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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! This isn’t much of a support ask as it is a request for certain features, so please bear with me. I am sure you have heard payment integration for forms a gazillion times, but that and pagination for forms would be great. I, unfortunately, must create some long questionnaires and it would be nice to have pages within the form instead of the long scroll. Thanks for all you do!

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Welcome to the community, @Lynn_Robinson!

Airtable employees don’t visit us too often here, so you may want to submit that as a suggestion to

However, I doubt that we will see any improvements to the form anytime soon, so if these features are important for you to have, I would highly recommend using JotForm, which is quite possibly the best form software on the web — and best of all, it has native integration with Airtable!

(And if you need extremely complex integrations between JotForm & Airtable that its native integration can’t handle all on its own, you can always use a tool like Make to act as the middleman between JotForm & Airtable.)

Thank you! I wasn’t sure where to send the suggestion but I totally understand. This information was very helpful.