Re: How can I delete a previous record entry in a field?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, new-ish to Airtable and I’m having to build an inventory table to check for equipment conditions. The purpose of this table would be to show the type of item, brand, make, some descriptions, cost of item, condition, and date condition checkup was submitted.

The condition are pulled from another tab which is where my workers would be submitting their checkups, usually done once per week.

My issue here is that as of now, if a worker submits a second check up (lets say by week 2) the condition field will populate as “good” “good”. I would like to have a single, most up-to-date condition in that field and have it delete the previous entry. For example, if item 1 has been “good” for 4 weeks, but by week 5 something were to happen, the worker would check “needs repair”. I would like the “good” to auto delete and be replaced with “needs repair” until otherwise noted as good on the next check up.

I’m not sure if this is a task for formulas or for automation. I was toying around with both but couldn’t figure out how to get this to happen. Any chance one of you amazing people can help?

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So you have linked records and you’re trying to Lookup one value from only the most recent linked record. If so, this is would require a few Lookups and Formulas but needs no automation.