How do I create an email for details to be checked and corrected

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Good Day

I am very new to Airtable and loving it.

I am creating a data base from a csv file. Some of the information is missing, it’s a customer list with lots of personal information.

I would like to email it to the customer and get them to check the information and update it or correct it.

Please can you explain how I go about this?

Many thanks

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You can share a view with them to look at the data in read-only mode, but they won’t be able to edit the data unless you add them as a collaborator to the base:

Will they view only their information or will they see everyone elses information

Hi @Rodney_Beadon
With the shared view, they will only see what is visible in that view. So if you filter your view to only the records for one person and share that view with them, that is all they will see. If there are a lot of people you may end up making many views.

You can take another approach and send each person a custom link to a prefilled Form via automation that contains the current info and missing fields and lets them change or add information. This will create a new record for each form submission that you will then need to merge or an automation can take care of it for you.

Thank you, I will find out online how to do this and try. Thanks for your help

Let us know if you get hung up on anything. Happy to help.

Thank you, I will see how far I manage and then ask for the help to fill the gaps I have been unable to.

I have managed to create my form.

I am now trying to automate it so that when its submitted it updates the information.

I am struggling to do the following.

When the form is sent is it possible that it shows the current information on that persons details and then they can just update or add as needed?

I am trying to automate the reply so that it updates the existing information. I have gone to the automations.

For the trigger, i have put “When a form is submitted”

For the action, I have put “update record”

Configuration “Action will run always”

Table I have put my customer contact list

Record ID is where my first confusion comes in. There are drop down menus when I add the field it gives me 3 options “ID”, “Name” and colour. I am not sure which value I am supposed to choose
I then chose “Grid” and selected everything to be updated.
It now shows Render as HTML grid
In Fields when I click on choose field I have selected all the fields on the Base.

I then click on Generate a preview

I get the “fix testing error” message, the results show received invalid inputs

I can’t see where I have gone wrong.

I think you are attempting to update the record that is the form response. The form will create a new record.

You will need the record ID of the record you want to update after the form is submitted. You can get a record id by making a formula field and putting in record_id(). Each row in Airtable has a unique record ID.
Your form URL needs to contain the recordID of the existing record as a hidden field. When the form is submitted, the new record will contain the ID of the old record. Then your automation will use that to match.

Yes I suspect your 100% right the form once submitted goes into the last row of the base. So that would be fine for a new person entering there information for the first time. I am straight away seeing a problem as its not sorting alphabetically and its not allocating a new member number automatically.

I suspect I am trying to run before I can walk, as lots of your explanation is a very grey area only because of my lack of knowledge.

Time to do some more basic learning work