How do I make a grid which displays quantities of filtered items?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Airtable newbie here so apologies in advanced for a potentially very easy and obvious question.

I am making a marketing dashboard which I want to calculate the amount and quality of leads we are getting from each lead source (fb, google, website e.t.c.)

I have made a grid which shows every lead which comes in, I am tracking many details of this lead such as lead source, whether the lead produced a sale, if we had a call with the lead, lead quality e.t.c.

What I would like to make is a table which has the lead source on the y axis and on the x axis, I can have total leads, calls had, good leads, bad leads.

I would like Airtable to calculate how many ‘total leads’ ‘leads which led to sales’ ‘calls from leads’ per lead source.

I hope this makes sense.
Thanks in advanced.

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